Anxiety and Panic Centre hosts training in TFT

August 25, 2011

Presenter of TFT Algorithms training Christopher Semmens

A significant minority of the population suffers from anxiety and panic and though some seek treatment of the problem, the vast majority live with symptoms that are often debilitating and life limiting.

Often the presenting symptoms can be a result of underlying life issues that, if left unresolved, can accelerate the symptoms of the problem.

But how do you know what’s causing your distress?

Ask yourself these questions: Has there been any significant loss in your life? Any significant trauma? Any significant disruption?

If your answer is yes to any of these and you are suffering emotional distress, chances are that your underlying issues can be the cause of your symptoms and by addressing the cause, you can resolve the problem and enjoy a happier, more fulfilled life.

Psychology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the years and there are now some very effective and efficient techniques that psychologists have at their fingertips to help you to get over your distress in a relatively quick and painless way.

Taking a top down, bottom up approach is one that Perth based clinical psychologist Christopher Semmens advocates. A specialist in the areas of anxiety, traumatic stress and chronic pain management, he uses a multi-modal approach to therapy including CBT, the dominant approach in psychology along with a raft of other effective techniques.

While he offers strategies including mindfulness excercises and hypnosis inductions to sooth and calm the symptoms, Chris works as a good detective would to ascertain the cause of your problem, most often introducing a technique called thought field therapy that can in most cases though not all, very rapidly resolve the distress from unresolved life issues, that form the triggers of your symptoms.

Christopher Semmens, an accredited trainer of the Thought Field Therapy technique, developed by clinical psychologist Dr Roger Callahan in the late 1970’s, has recently released his training calendar and will presenting two day training workshops in this technique for mental health care professionals and interested lay people throughout Australia during 2011/12.  For more information go to


Meridian tapping -learn how to fix disturbed emotions

November 24, 2010

Are you anxious? Do you have a past full of emotional grief? Does your future scare you?

Want to learn something really nifty that can change your life forever?

Perth based Australian clinical psychologist Christopher Semmens has discovered a technique, developed from within clinical psychology by Dr. Roger Callahan, which he now uses every day in his private practice to  rapidly assist people of all ages to move forward with their lives and leave behind the drama, doubt and negative emotions stored up from nasty past events.

Christopher Semmens is pleased to announce that he will be presenting  two-day interactive workshops to teach this most amazing technique called Thought Field Therapy in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand.

“I don’t believe it!” “Where did it go?” “I’ve been feeling like this for years and all of a sudden I feel different … better…great!”

These represent a tiny percentage of comments from literally thousands of people who have been helped by meridian tapping – Thought Field Therapy – also known as energy psychology, mental accupressure, tapping technique.

Learn how to achieve lasting release of emotionally distressful times in your life. Learn how to stop being scared. Learn how to stop triggered responses. Be happier than you ever thought possible!

Thought Field Therapy Workshops in 2012:

Date Training Type Location Venue
10th – 11th March 2012 Algorithms –

Presenter Chris Semmens

SA – Adelaide TBA

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23rd – 24th March 2012 Algorithms –

Presenter Chris Semmens

QLD – Brisbane TBA

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25th – 27th March 2012 Causal Diagnosis –

Presenter Christopher Semmens

QLD – Brisbane TBA

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More information

28th – 29th April 2012 Algorithms –

Presenter Chris Semmens

WA – Perth TBA

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More information

5th – 7th May 2012 Causal Diagnosis –

Presenter Chris Semmens

WA – Perth TBA

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17th – 18th June 2012 Algorithms –

Presenter Chris Semmens

VIC – Melbourne TBA

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22nd – 24th June 2012 Algorithms –

Presenter Chris Semmens

NZ – Christchurch TBA

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30th September, 1st & 2nd October 2012 Causal Diagnosis –

Presenter Chris Semmens

VIC – Melbourne TBA

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 Read this latest unsolicited testimonial from a very satisfied Mrs Jackson of Perth:

“I have finished having a lengthy dental treatment and like my previous treatment, 18 months ago, (thanks to TFT), it was completed without any worries or fear on my part.

I do have an excellent dentist but I was too afraid even to pick up the telephone to make that first appointment prior to having TFT. I came home from the TFT session with you (Christopher Semmens) and immediately rang for an appointment.

(Usually I would have loads of tension) before my dental visits (this time) I had no tension or sleepless nights worrying about going to the dentist and was completely relaxed in the dentist’s chair.

I will be eternally grateful to you Chris and to TFT and I will let you know how to eye operations go!

Gratefully yours”

Christopher Semmens

Anne Jackson.

What are you waiting for? Click on to reserve your place and change your life for the better now!

Courses and trainings are open to health care professionals and interested lay persons.

Call +61 (0)893896839


Thought Field Therapy training in Melbourne October 2011

September 11, 2010

This stuff really works! …

… The subject line in a recent email to clinical psychologist Christopher Semmens.

Amanda has huge stresses at work and though those stresses still exist, she is now able to manage without any emotional disturbance usually caused by the stress.  The stress just does not get to her anymore! Here’s the content of her email:

“I have been lucky enough to push myself to see Chris [Semmens] after months of his advert jumping out at me in the Nova magazine. I suppose I could not take any more stress at work.
Breathing more than a sigh of relief with the 1st session with Chris under my belt I was amazed how much better I felt using his techniques.  I have had three further sessions with Chris and will be having a further session in the near future.
I honestly wish I could turn back time and gone to see Chris months ago.  His sessions can be life changing.
Just to note I have not been asked to do this I just feel Chris’s sessions deserve to be spread out there more
Continued good health and happiness to all.
Cheers Amanda”

Christopher Semmens is presenting a two-day intensive training in the technique that  greatly helped not only Amanda but thousands of other clients of his clinical psychology practice.

Thought Field Therapy Algorithms Training – Melbourne Australia – October 3rd & 4th 2011 – Vibe Hotel Parkville

The training, open to mental health care professionals and interested lay people, is being held at the Vibe Hotel in Parkville Melbourne. The groups are deliberately mixed to represent real life situations.

Thought Field Therapy is a psychological technique developed clinical psychologist Dr Roger Callahan in the 1970’s.

The technique [also known as energy psychology, tapping technique, psychological acupressure, energy medicine] represents a huge leap in efficiency and effectiveness in the treatment of anxiety, trauma and stress such as work place bullying. Cases that may have taken months or even years of therapy can now be resolved in most cases in just a few sessions with the aid of this technique.

During the training you will learn not only the mechanics but the practical applications of this technique and at the end of the two days, you will be able to use the TFT interventions  within your current licence or practice.

The training includes actual demonstrations, group practice and lectures.

The training includes all materials and full catering. Psychologists can claim professional development points for attending this workshop.


For a full workshop description and to register, go to or email for more information and the latest published research on the technique.

” When you introduce Thought Field Therapy as a modality to your psychotherapy kit bag, you will be adding a powerful tool that will boost your efficiency and enhance your effectiveness … be prepared to be  surprised!”

Difficulty sleeping

August 13, 2010

“Had an opportunity to revisit some TFT and was thrilled. The one in particular being the last one on this newsletter for rapid relaxation sleep and calmness.  It takes you down faster into meditation! Thoughts are zoned out and the mind is less monkey behaving hahaha.
Thankyou. love it.”

From a colleague in Bali … and here is the tapping sequence she was writing about …

TFT Tip for a great nights sleep:
Before you go to bed tonight, try this out for a sensational nights sleep:
First take two fingers and tap the side of your hand (the outside, about half way between the end of your little finger and the beginning of your wrist), six to eight times
Then tap the edge of your eyebrow (close to the bridge of your nose) six to eight times
Now tap under your eye, on your cheekbone (about level with your pupil if you were looking straight ahead) six to eight times
Now tap under your arm (level with bra strap on a woman or nipple on a man) six to eight times
Now tap the indent just below and to the right or left of your cenre collarbone knotch six to eight times
Now again tap under your eye, on your cheekbone (about level with your pupil if you were looking straight ahead) six to eight times
Then again tap the indent just below and to the right or left of your cenre collarbone knotch six to eight times.

Finally for rapid relaxation and a great sense of calm, take two fingers and tap on the gamut spot (back of hand between the knuckles of the ring finger and little finfer) while you take six to eight seconds to raise your eyes from the floor to the ceiling.
This sequence will work as well for children as it does for adults. If it is a baby or someone unable to tap themselves that can’t sleep, gently cradle the baby (or place your hand on the persons hand and do the tapping sequence on yourself.

Clinical Psychologist uses Thought Field Therapy as part of a multi-modal approach to psychotherapy

August 13, 2010

Name: Christopher Semmens

Profession: Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist Christopher Semmens

Qualifications: MAppPsych; BPsych; BSc; DipClinHyp; TFTAdv

Practice Location: West Perth and Murdoch WA

Tel: +61 8 9389 6839


I use a multi-modal approach to psychotherapy including cognitive behavioural therapy; mindfulness meditation; clinical hypnosis and Thought Field Therapy for rapid release of disturbed emotions and emotional distress. Private Health insurance rebates; Medicare Rebates

People who practice Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

August 13, 2010

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a technique that can complement many practice types from massage therapists to clinical psychologists and dream interpreters to registered midwives. This directory lists people who practice TFT within the scope and licence of their individual practice. The entries in this directory are provided by the individuals as comments to this site. Each practitioner is personally responsible for the information in their listing as they are for their clients’ wellbeing. The owner of this blog does not accept responsibility or liability. Please choose your practitioner carefully.


First Name : Christopher Surname: Semmens

Qualifications: Clinical Psychologist specialist in trauma, anxiety, pain management

MAppPsych; BSc; BPsych; DipClinHyp;TFT-ADV

Practice Address:West Perth and MurdochWA ; telephone and SKYPE consultations

Phone number: 08 9389 6839 / 0433064982

Email address:


First Name :Ric (Mrs) Surname Blaquiere

Qualifications:TFT Dx, Reiki 1 & 2

Practice Address: Nedlands WA

Phone number: 041221124

Email address:

 I do not really practice out of an office. At the moment tend to work with people in situ, ie: where I have met them and given a treatment then and there.


First Name: Pia Surname: Cowley

Qualifications: TFT-ADV, Registered Midwife, RN

Practice Address: Based on the Gold Coast, also do phone/skype consultations

Phone: 0433 819675

Email address:


First Name: Ms Mate Surname: STONE

Qualifications: TFT-dx, BA, LLB – My practise involves Dream Interpretation

Practise Address: Melbourne, Vic 3075

Contact: 0434-571-564


Comments: My practise involves Dream Interpretation whereby I help clients understand the power of their dream and find the answer to many probing questions that plague their dreams. In addition I offer TFT-dx that compliments my holistic healing practise.


Kathleen Crawford, Psychologist

B.App. Sci. B.A. Post Grad Counselling Psychology, M.A.

Practising in Bayside Melbourne.

Contact: 0419 424 962.



Interests and expertise: General conditions + Trauma, Anxiety, panic and phobias.

Could do telephone consulting and one to one.

Thought Field Therapy in Australia

August 5, 2010

Are you looking for a psychologist or counselor, mental health care practitioner, social worker, massage therapist or approved trainer in the thought field therapy tapping technique developed by Dr Roger Callahan? POST YOUR COMMENT to this site and we will try to match you with someone in your area.

Are you a psychologist or a counsellor, a mental health care practitioner, social worker, massage therapist, approved trainer or lay person who is trained in the thought field therapy tapping technique developed by Dr Roger Callahan? POST YOUR DETAILS as a COMMENT to this site and we will include you for free on our Australia/New Zealand directory of TFT practitioners.

My name is Sigrid Semmens and I am so impressed with the healing power of this technique that I am developing this blog as a community platform for all those in Australia and New Zealand who are interested in Thought Field Therapy.

I am based in Perth Australia, am trained to Casual Diagnosis level in TFT and use the technique almost every day on myself and family and friends when there is a disturbed emotion that is getting in the way of a happy and fulfilling life.

Thought Field Therapy – sometimes called psychological accupressure or energy psychology or tapping technique – is a gentle action technique whereby accupressure points are gently tapped in a certain sequence while you are thinking of the problem to dissolve the disturbed emotions associated with the problem.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the technique, it is useful for resolving anxiety and panic, traumatic stress, phobias and fears, grief and loss – usually quite quickly.

The purpose of this site is to create a community dialogue through connecting practitioners with those in need of assistance, alerting those interested to training opportunities , to present research papers, articles, case studies and testimonials to the wider community of Australia and New Zealand.